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You can't get beyond the body
unless you free the body itself
Dr. Ida Rolf



  • Advanced Practitioner of the Rolf-Method | Rolf Guild for Structural Integration
  • Somatic Movement Therapist | ISMETA | Body-Mind-Movement
  • Yoga instructor (Yoga-Alliance): Vinyasa Flow/ Ashtanga | Acro | Soma Yoga
  • Teacher at the faculty for Body-Mind-Movement for trainings  in Mexico, Brazil, Chile | 
  • Teacher for Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Composition
  • Continuing education in Cranio-Sacral-Therapy, Polarity, Thai-Massage, Marty-Morales Method
  • In my practice I work with people of all ages, from new-born as well as an advanced age.
  • all complementary health insurances
  • DEU  |  ENG |  ESP | FR | PORT
  • my practice on Fuerteventura
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A colleague gave me Lou Sturm as a Rofling therapist. I went to her because of pain in my hip. From the first treatment I felt very comfortable and immediately realised that I was dealing with an experienced and competent therapist. I have had 10 treatments so far and so far I have no more pain in my hip and my back and neck tension have also eased. After the treatments I have always felt more relaxed and calm. I can really recommend Lou Sturm's treatments to everyone.

Nicole, 34

Narbenbehandlung_Rehabilitation_Rolfing_Zürich_Massage_Osteopathie_Zusatzversicherung_Narbenbehandlung_Haltungsverbesserung_Wirbelsäule_Structural Integration_Chiropractor_Somatics_BMC_Strukturelle Integration
Paul, 48
Before session 1 and after session 10 (6 months later)
Paul had suffered a severe car accident with more than 10 bone fractures

I have had experience with Rolfing before I went to see Lou Sturm. It has always been important for me to work on my posture. I need Rolfing to complement my active self-development, which is about my inner attitude.

I find the interaction of work on both levels ideal and in Lou Sturm I have found an excellent Rolf therapist who also incorporates additional elements from her wealth of experience as far as it suits me. Rolfing/Structural Integration has had a lasting positive effect on me and has helped me to achieve more mobility, a deeper body awareness and my previous back problems have gone. Many thanks!

Ian, 64

I find Lou Sturm to be a very sharp yoga teacher with vast preparation and experience. She always prepares her classes in a very dynamic and fun way but also with great depth. In addition to her role as a teacher I have taken sessions 1-3 of  Rolfing®/ Structural Integration with her, it was a great success in solving many postural and health issues. 

Karen, 42

I have really enjoyed my Rolf treatments with Lou. Her work is deep, profound and gentle at the same time. She goes through the body with awareness and precision. I learned a lot and after several months I can still feel all that my body has learned. I feel change. And I would want to do the 10 series again any time.

Julia, 45

Sergio_Lou Sturm_Rolfing_Zürich_Massage_Osteopathie_Zusatzversicherung_Narbenbehandlung_Haltungsverbesserung_Wirbelsäule_Structural Integration_Chiropractor_Somatics_BMC
Sergio, 15
Before and after session 1.
Sergio came with a major deformation in the rib cage and spine, that was inexplicable to his parents.
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